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Review Rules and Regulations at http://www.mostatefair.com/
You must create a Username and Password. Remember your password for future use.
The Username is your first and last name.  If this name has already been used, please include your middle initial.
If you need to log off to complete the entry process at a later time, you must press SAVE or you will lose all of your work.
Password Guidelines: The password for your account is case-sensitive. Please remember exactly how you typed it.
The name on the S.S. (Social Security) Card must match the social security number in order for premiums to be paid.
Feed and Bedding Policy:  All exhibitors, except beef cattle, must bring their own bedding during the 2024 Fair. Livestock exhibitors are also expected to bring their own feed – additional feed and bedding will not be available for purchase during the Fair.
Beef cattle exhibitors will be provided Premium Missouri Mulch bedding for $10 per head to be included with entries. No other bedding will be allowed for beef cattle including sawdust, pellets, etc. Dairy cattle exhibitors may continue adding straw to the bedding. All exhibitors should practice good environmental stewardship, keeping the bedding clean and free of glass, plastics, cans and other trash for the purposes of the Fair’s recycling agreement.
4-H/FFA exhibitors will NOT be entered automatically in the open show.  An open show fee is required.  Exhibitors are responsible for entering both the Open and 4-H/FFA classes.
Exhibitors must complete a vendor input form to receive premium payment. Submitted entries MUST match the name submitted on completed vendor input form. Entries and vendor input forms cannot be submitted under nicknames, non-legal farm names, middle names, etc. If entries do not correspond with the name on the vendor input form, delay of premium payments will occur. https://www.mostatefair.com/wp-content/uploads/vendor-input-form.pdf
In accordance with Missouri State statute, a convenience fee of 2% plus $.25 will be assessed to the customer for all credit card payments.